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"Whether you’re an experienced keysmith or a total beginner, it really does pave the way towards composing better, more structurally sound music.

The app provides a musical safety net by making it harder to get things wrong, so you find yourself punching way above your compositional weight."

"It will indeed help you play complex chords and generate melodies with fairly minimal musical knowledge.”

"It can certainly help you generate new musical ideas."

"This is fantastic for constraining your keys and your chords to whatever scale you choose. There’s a whole lot of tricks you can do with this, and always make sure that what you’re playing is in key. Lot of fun."

Erik Hawkins

"It is a tool in the same mould as pitch-correction software or automatic drumming plug-ins: it enables non-keyboard players – and even non musicians – to create musical performances that are technically and harmonically correct, and it does it in a very straightforward and accessible fashion."

David Heartbreak

Johnny Atar (Klaypex)



DJ Afterthought


"I need versatility to personalize my music.  The Chord Editor lets me experiment with near infinite tonal combinations to get the exact sound I am looking for."

"Chord Prism helps inspire new songwriting methods.  Regardless of how much theory you cram into your head, this app is a great tool for anyone's creative arsenal."

"My homies created a bangin plug in here...  Please check it out and if you like go support!!!"

Chord Prism helps me create complex tunes in between shows.  Being able to play a whole band's worth of instruments with 2 hands is incredible.

DJ Nelson

"El mejor plugin para hacer acordes y melodias. Con muchos presets de Reggaeton. Muy duro."

"I use Chord Prism as a sketch pad to develop progressions and melodies.  Even with knowledge of theory, it's beneficial as a creative tool."


"Chord Prism is a fantastic tool for creating chords and melodies, which enables me to think outside the box in the way that I structure my tracks and progress my creativity to the next level"

Turf Daz