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Is Chord Prism the same as AutoTheory?

We recently changed the name to Chord Prism, as we have made major improvements to the user experience (plug in format, simple security, free trial, export midi).  With these new improvements, we decided to also go with a new name.  If you had a license for AutoTheory 4 or 5, you should have received an email with a free activation code for Chord Prism (check your spam folder March 2020).  If you did not receive this please contact us with your email, iLok activation code and proof of purchase.


Why won't Chord Prism show up in Logic Pro?

Understand that Chord Prism is an AU MIDI Effect, not an Instrument.  You will find it in the MIDI FX drop down, not the Instrument drop down.


Where do the Chord Prism Plugin Files download to?

If you do not specify a different folder during install, the Chord Prism plugin files will be downloaded to:
Mac: /Users/{username}/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST (or VST3, or Components for audio units)
Win (VST): /Windows (C:)/Program Files/Steinberg/VstPlugins
Win (VST3): /Windows (C:)/Program Files/Common Files/VST3

Where can I find the presets folder for Chord Prism?

Mac: / Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/Chord Prism/Presets
Win: C:/Users/[USERNAME]/Documents/Chord Prism/Presets

Where can I find the Chord Prism Log Files if I have a crash?

mac: /Users/<yourUserName>/Library/Logs/chord_prism/chord_prism_log.txt
Windows C:\Users\<yourUserName>\AppData\Roaming\chord_prism\chord_prism_log.txt


Why are Smart Scale notes of one instance not matching the Chord Generator of another instance?

Please adjust the Chord Groups parameter of the Smart Scale instance to match the Chord Groups parameter of the Chord Generator instance.  The Smart Scale automatically applies Accidentals to match the chords selected within the Chord Generator and Chord Editor.


Why isn't the Smart Scale changing chords when I copy it to a new area of my DAWs Sequencer?

If you copy Smart Scale content to an area where there is no Chord Generator content being played, chord changes will not occur.  You can program a "silent" chord change by selecting Mute on the Chord Generator and recording the chord progression.  This will allow for shifting of the Smart Scale without an audible chord change.


Why are chord positions and tone positions of different instances misaligned with each other?

You are using Mappings that do not work well with each other.  The Chord Tones, Dynamic Scale and Relative Scale Mappings place the i chord on the first white key.  They will align properly with each other.  The Absolute Scale and Chromatic Scale Mappings place Chords and Tones on their natural positions.  They will align properly with each other.

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